Become a Landlord Partner

Our goal is to help keep our partner buildings 100% occupied. Achieving that requires more than sheer market demand. So, how can it work?

We’ve created a space to offer police officers, firefighters, nurses, and other civil servants and non-profit workers a discount on rent in buildings with vacancies — as an appreciation for their service. Then, we also offered discounts on units that were ready to be turned over for the next tenant, but needed a new carpet or new kitchen counter because of a small wear-and-tear mark.

We certainly recognize, though, that it might not reflect well for a landlord to directly offer discounts. But when the deal comes from ZeroVacancy, a third party provider, it’s accepted by consumers as an independent opportunity — just like how Priceline or offers five-star rooms for less, without affecting the perceived value of the hotelier brands. Isn’t it time to apply this tested philosophy to the world of real estate?

Beyond simply filling units and discounting rent, a real estate model focused on rewarding the folks who help make our communities strong ladders up to a mission-driven corporate identity — landlords who care about investing in good neighbors. We believe in affordable housing opportunities that benefit providers and consumers. And we believe that the solution to the future of our cities is leveraging the right space for the right tenant.